Aufbewahrungsort Cambridge (Mass.), Harvard College Libr. / Houghton Libr., MS Riant 94
  • Farb-Abbildung des Codex
  • Wieck S. 166 (Abb. 130)
  • Seymour de Ricci with the assistance of W. J. Wilson, Census of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the United States and Canada, Bd. I, New York 1935 (Reprint 1961), S. 1011.
  • Roger S. Wieck, Late medieval and renaissance illuminated manuscripts 1350-1525 in the Houghton Library, Cambridge (Mass.) 1983, S. 113, 166 (Abb. 130).
  • Handschriftendokumentation (im Hollis Catalog) der Harvard University Cambridge (Mass.) [Search Type: "Other call number"; Search For: Signatur]. [online]
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